Participation at the event HOMO FABER

Pedemonte Bike announces its participation at an exclusive event, unique and sophisticated..

Homo Faber is the first major exhibition dedicated to European craftsmanship. It is a cultural event of international importance, which aims to enhance the best of contemporary and traditional art crafts, and their links with the world of design.

It is a journey to discover the masters of art and their skills, through live demonstrations but also with the help of the most sophisticated virtual reality technologies.

It is an opportunity to listen to the opinions and experiences of the masters, participating in a program of conferences on the topic of creativity and craftsmanship. Homo Faber is the celebration of creative inspiration and manual talent: from jewelery to bespoke bicycles, from the rarest to the most precious jobs.

To pay homage to this magnificent event, Pedemonte has created an exclusive bicycle that will be produced in a very limited series (only five pieces) inspired by the charm of Venice, the city hosting the event.

Rhinoceros Homo Faber Exclusive Edition features an original painting with damask pattern made of 24 carat gold leaf that enhances the award-winning chassis design Aquati Cosmo Bike last year.

Equipped with the Campagnolo Superrecord EPS electronic group set, carbon fiber handlebar covered in alcantara leather  with visible stitching, integrated front and rear LED lights, monocoque six-spoke carbon wheels, leaves nothing to chance.

Each element of the bike is exclusive and made specifically for this very limited series.
Rhinoceros Homo Faber Limited edition, as stated by its creator Sergio Pedemonte, was born to amaze.

Video Rhinoceros Limited Edition for Homo Faber :